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More changes on the way, maybe

puppet set

After my first two months in Los Angeles I was happy with the parts I was getting. It was a bit of everything, including roles in infomercials, soap operas, acting clinics, and a couple of movies. It was during one of those movies, where a director approached me and told me something I didn’t see… Read More

The Road to Hollywood


As you can imagine, every actor’s and and actress’ dream is to be famous and win the big bucks one day. And the way to do that, if you are focused on acting in movies, is to make it someday into Hollywood. Being from my East Coast state doesn’t help the cause if you are looking to… Read More

Working Out While on Location

Growing up, I was known as the tall lanky guy who lived at the end of the street. Yes, I was the typical awkward acne-ridden guy that girls made fun of as school. It was really hard for me because no matter how much I ate, I didn't gain any weight and I couldn't get… Read More